Produced by:  The Lemons: Odbayar. Ts /vocal/, Enkhtulga. A /solo/, Anar. D /bass, synth/, Unurbayar. M /drum/, Dugarsuren. O /sound engineer/
Co-Produced by: Chinzorig.Ts /Jet School of English/, Natsagdorj. Ts /Hi-Fi Media Group/, Munkh-Orgil.T /OT/
Engineered by: Munkh-Orgil. T /White Arch Studio/
Assistant Engineer: Bat-Oyu. B /White Arch Studio/
Mixed & Mastered by: D. James Goodwin at the Isokon, Woodstock, NY
Photos by: Galbadral. N, Munu&Amga /The Multiverse/
Cover art designed by: Udaanjargal. M /Banduu/


Худалдаанд гарсан: 2015-03-17
Урсгал: Alternative

CD: 19,500 Татах: 18,000

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