Залуу Ленины Ойролцоо Зн Давхарт

Produced by The Lemons & Natsagdorj.Ts

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Raghu Raman
All songs arranged by The Lemons
Cover design by Judi
Cover photo by Tengis, Tuulai

The Lemons are:
Vocal rhythm: Odbayar.Ts
Solo guitar: Enkhtulga.A
Bass guitar: Anar.D
Drum: Unurbayar.M
Technical assistant: Dugarsuren.O
Harmonica by Kail on the Track 4 Track 11 music by Odbayar.Ts,Enkhtulga.A & Lyrics by Ulziitugs 2004
Keyboard by Gang on the track 7,9,10,11 & Onon on the track 2,3,4,8

All drum and bass recorded at The Lemons rehearsel room 2008.08 Ulaanbaatar
All guitar and voice recorded at home studio 2009.01-02 Ulaanbaatar

Release Date: 2015-02-09
Genre: Alternative Indie

CD: 16,500 Download: 15,000


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