Аав ээж хоёр минь DVD

My father and mother DVD

  1. Interview
  2. Land of my fater and mother
  3. Avzaga mountain
  4. I will go to meet
  5. A blue land of Khentei
  6. Farewell
  7. A beautiful khangai
  8. I will sing for you
  9. My fate
  10. A motherland to make happy forever
  11. Sight of the khairkhan mountain
  12. My land of the thsnkher river
  13. The Tsagaan Tunkh feathergrass
  14. The Otgontenger like Khans Crown
  15. Steppe land of Mongolia
  16. I will sing
  17. My father and mother

Symphonic orchestra of Mongolian state Academic Theatre of Opera Ballet, conductor N. Tuulaikhuu


Release Date:2016-2-24

CD: 33,000


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