Mongolian National Dance Bii Biyelgee DVD

Video list:
1. Torguud dance
2. Bayad dance
3. Khoton dance
4. Zakhchin dance
5. Durvud dance
6. Zakhchin dance
7. Uriankhai dance
8. Bayad dance
9. Khoton dance
10. Torguud dance
11. Zakhchin dance

Western Mongolian' ethnic group's Bii Biyelgee has drastically and passionate movement of arm and chest which is showing only their unique character.

Bii Biyelgee is performed and navigated by melody from cord of Ikel music.

Cultural Heritage of Mongolian Nations and Nomads NGO

Release Date: 2015-07-30

CD: 24,900


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